Lobster Season – Summerland Key, FL – Chase and Morgan’s Trip

Headed South to Summerland Key 2013…

We ventured down to south Florida this past week celebrating a new chapter in our lives. It was a quick ride in the BMW weaving in and out of traffic in an effort to catch up with the Alley family who had already been in the Keys since earlier in the week.

The First Night

The first night Morgan, a new-old friend Harrison Zegel, and I, Chase Alley, decided to go shark fishing off the dock right on the Atlantic at around midnight with various species of Snapper carcasses from the days fishing exploits. After seeing one 7 foot shark of some type swim in and out and getting no action we all decided to go for a snorkel with some dive lights at about 3 after way to many drinks and exhaustion from a 6 hour drive. What we saw was rewarding – sort of. We got nabbed a few times by some jellyfish passing by but that was way better than getting an arm bit off when we entered right next to all the dead fish we had tossed in previously in an attempt to lure the sharks in. Now we were the bait. Morgan and my theory has always been, “If it’s our time, it’s our time.”

I was hoping to score a few lobster on the night prowl or spear something while we were tinkering around but nothing was seen except lobster heads under others docks in the dark early morning Atlantic shore.

The First Day in Summerland

The first day we were up and about loading the boat at around 10:00 AM. We were on our way out bay side to some of our buddy, Alex Brower’s, coordinates when we found good bottom structure near some small Keys islands. In about 10-15 feet of water, Morgan and I dragged and almost immediately found some bugs! We saw giant Jewfish in one hole. Other than that, nothing but bugs!

chase alley summerland key 2013

Beer, Babes, and Bugs!

We had our license limit by 3:00 PM and that was 18, so we decided to head over to a fast moving current between two islands that was fun to snorkel. After a quick drift through what we called “The Plume”, we headed back to Summerland Key to clean our harvest of fair sized Keys lobster.

Day 2

We woke up considerably earlier on day 2 because we didn’t indulge as much in spite of the head of retail from ABC liquor being with us on the trip. I rented a small buoyancy compensator (BC) for Morgan’s first SCUBA dive. Ever. We went out to Looe Key reef and suited up. Morgan and I took the first dive around 11 and within minutes she had it all figured out. We descended to about 25 feet and swam through nice coral structures seeing barracuda, black and gag grouper, angel fish, and several other Florida reef fish. No lobster. Morgan was told by my father that there is 3 things to think about when diving. Always breathe, don’t come up or descend too fast, and never hold your breath. I think the first and third are the same thing! We stayed down for about an hour and then I purged to move some of the jellyfish out of the way during our ascend. It was a great first dive. She even got a t-shirt out of it.

Later that day we decided to head to Key West with my father and mother to the famous Conch Republic for a few drinks. Instead of heading up to Mallory Square during Sunset we had some more cocktails at Irish Kevins and Sloppy Joes. It was good night.

On The Way Back to Orlando

On the way back to Orlando we stopped by Robbie’s and decided to have a couple brews with a steak and egg sandwich before heading down to the docks and feeding the tame tarpon. We went through a few buckets of fish and let them bite up to our elbows! It was awesome to see tarpon act this way. Robbie’s is a famous attraction in Islamorada and they run a great business. Apparently it has been there forever but this was my first time!

All in all, it was a great trip with the family and we pushed it as hard as we could for three days!


Chase Alley: Fox Red Media

Chase Alley

Chase Alley watching his Fox Red Lab, Captain, play in the lake.

Chase Alley dreaming up the name of his Internet Marketing Company

I know that this is not the most professional image that I could have posted when I plan to be working in the business to business environment but this is me, Chase Alley. I am what I am. This is also where I always had my “big picture” day dreams about where I want to be; right on Lake Pineloch watching my pup, Captain, swim around. He also pulls me at around 20 mph on that longboard I am sitting on. He wants to be in that lake so bad that he will grab that leash with his mouth and book it, never relenting, until we get there. It makes for a killer ride…At this point in my life I had been to college and was a senior at UCF when I decided to drop out and pursue my interests in SEO, PPC, and web entrepreneurship. I also had just started my first business, City Fix Smartphone repair which is currently XpressFix Smartphone repair with two locations in the Orlando area. I realized that getting leads and new customers online was the most interesting part of the whole business for me. Getting my site higher and higher in the search engines and competing on this front became somewhat of an obsession. I not only could apply the strategies to this vertical but all other markets, niches, verticals or whatever you prefer to call them. I could strategically optimize text, fonts, code, and layouts to get more exposure and more business. These creatively intertwined technical pieces all came together into one big marketing masterpiece. The idea of being able to get to know all types of business models and work with them on a daily basis was an extremely exciting thought and still is (as I have not started my company yet I shouldn’t speak so much in past tense).

So I’m thinking to myself, what would I call this Search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and media firm of mine? Well…I love my dog Captain and his dark Labrador breed: Fox Red Labradors. And my future wife will probably love that name too because she loves these labs all the same. Also it has a creative feel to it like one of my favorite creative web development agencies, Purple Rock Scissors that I worked next to. So I am set on it nowadays. Fox Red Lab or Fox Red Media.

Chase Alley Orlando Sentinel | Feeding Search Engines Fresh Content

Chase Alley Skydiving

Chase Alley Kneeflying Behind Morgan and Tandem Instructor 2010

Chase Alley Skydiving in Deland 2010

It’s always important to have a good time in life. It’s also important to balance. My life is always balanced with work on the web. I have an addiction to adding content and reading about search engine algorithm changes and behavior. So, after I have just added some ramble text I will cover why it’s important to add new content as much as possible for the purpose of gaining search engine ranking. No matter what my day job is, my night job is something to do with the internet.

The search engines have a difficult job of indexing billions of documents and even though they all have a convoy of supercomputers there has to be some prioritization. Since serving up relevant user friendly documents is the main job of the search engines they have a tendency to index and crawl sites that dish out fresh new content on a regular basis. It would appear that these sites are constantly appealing to the users’ tastes for new information. Since Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s business model revolves around the user there is a good relationship between any efforts we have as SEO’s to benefit the user and rankings. Engagement metrics, social media metrics, and frequency of posting new, fresh content are all ways to measure our effect on the user.

Chase Alley Orlando Sentinel news | Chasing the long-tail keywords is much more advantageous

With this damage control effort I am doing on my own name Chase Alley and some other keywords, it is important to deliver new content on a regular basis. How frequently you need to post something new depends on your niche. If you are a news site then probably 5-10 posts a day. For me, with my targets in sight, once or twice a week would probably be fine.

I post over 300 word articles with keyword rich Chase Alley copy, add appropriate H1 tags, Meta tags, and Alt attributes to photos. Chase Alley Orlando is another keyword that I made sure to drop in the title tag, meta description, copy, and anywhere else that I could. Chase Alley Orlando Sentinel is a good long-tail keyword as well. If I can get some ranking on this term it is likely to help the more generic keyword Chase Alley Orlando, FL rank as well. In this line of thought, it’s always better to chase the long precise keywords or long-tail keywords in the keyword demand curve. Another example of a long-tail keyword is Chase Alley Orlando Sentinel newspaper article. Or… Chase Alley in the Orlando Sentinel.

Check out this link of Chase Alley Orlando World Wakeboarding Championship results from the 2001 NWA 2001 World Wakeboarding National Championships. JD Webb and Phillip Soven were in my division back then with Phillip Combs and Jon Nadolski. These guys are all killing it in the pros now!

Chase Alley Orlando FL

Chase Alley Orlando FL

Chase Alley Orlando FL – 7 lbs. FL Lobster Caught 30 Miles out of New Smyrna, FL at 80 feet

Chase Alley Orlando FL

Chase Alley | Rep Management

Well hello, I am Chase Alley. If you have stumbled across this page and this picture then I am doing my job as an SEO and controlling what the SERP’s deliver as relevant content. I will use these articles and this simple blog site with my name in the URL to show people how effective the services are at Fox Red Media. This is damage control and reputation management. I, Chase Alley of Orlando, FL had some issues online and when I was in college at the University of Central Florida I knew I would have to employ the skills I had learned in Search Engine Optimization to clean up the search engines. Google is the boss and the rest follow suit so everything I do will be to appeal to the Googs.

Keyword density is important in articles. Chase Alley for instance is the keyword I am after. Actually it is Chase Alley Orlando FL. I want to deliver a density of about 2-3% so my article does not look manipulated. Unnatural keyword stuffing just reads like a person that speaks English as a second language wrote it. It may even appear that way when I am putting the keyword Chase Alley Orlando FL in – like I just did. But that’s okay.

How do you guys like the picture? Bitchin’ huh? I know. It’s a giant lobster I got 80 feet down while scuba diving out of New Smyrna/ Ponce Inlet in Florida. My dad keeps a 28 foot Glacier Bay in the inter coastal there in Smyrna. I love that town. I grew up surfing at the inlet and later in life, got into fishing and diving.

Chase Alley Orlando FL